Javy Gwaltney


Writer| Editor| Publicist

Hello! If you’re reading this, it means one of two things: you’ve been looking up information about my work or you’ve fallen through a hole in space and time and ended up here. If it’s the former, congratulations, you’re in the right spot! If it’s the latter, I offer my apologies while also disavowing any culpability for this misadventure. Either way, why not enjoy a fine cup of coffee and peruse my portfolio while you’re here?

I worked as an associate editor for Game Informer for nearly four years and have experience writing and editing content for both online and print publications. In addition to writing previews, reviews, lists, interviews, and appearing in video content, I also extensively covered complicated topics like the fight for disability accommodation in the games industry and the military’s relationship with gaming. I’ve also written essays for the likes of Paste and Playboy, and I’ve even developed a few games too!

I am now a publicist for Tara Bruno PR, working with Private Division and several other fantastic clients in the gaming industry.